General debility. exhaustion, loss of appetite, muscular  skeletal weakness, arthritis, osteoporosis, malfunctioning of liver , heart , and kidneys due to aging,  anemia.  cellular damage due to free radicules.  Counters oxidative damage, protect  the body from nearly all the damages  caused by the free radicals, maintains metabolic balance, helps to maintain the healthy digestive system and removes the toxins from the body helpful in treatment of anemia ,  helping removal of toxic substances  from body and helping in rheumatism,  swelling and    pain, boosts immune system, 

Specific Specifications
Ingredients / Content ghrit kumari 3mg tulsi 500mg sounth 80mg kali mirch 80mg peepal 80mg anwala 500mg saunf 200mg
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Saar Aloe Plus Syrup

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