Acus in Latin means ‘needle’. Hence acupressure means ‘applying needle like pressure’. It is the old Chinese system of therapeutics where pressure is applied in specific acupressure points of the body along the specific meridians for the treatment of diseases. In Chinese language it is called ‘CHEN’ or ‘ZHEN’.

Importance of Acupressure
  1. Preventive
  2. Diagnostic
  3. Curative
  4. Complimentary

Acupressure therapy can be used along with any Health systems like Naturopathy; Allopathy; Ayurvedic; Homeopathy etc. It means approach to the illness is “multi therapeutic approach.


  1. Acupressure encourages the body’s natural healing mechanism means increases the resistance power or immunity.
  2. It gives the relief of complaints relating to your body function and permanent ailments keep the body in physical, mental and social well being throughout the life.
  3. It improving the physical and sexual performance.
  4. It gives relief to pain before any medical services available, also help in first aid during emergency.
  5. It improved circulation, digestion, assimilation and elimination or toxin and waste.
  6. Protection against a replace following an earlier illness.
  7. It cures the illness without side effect.
  8. It is very useful for preventing the illness and provides protection against the onset of illness i.e. “Prevention is better than cure”.
  9. It’s also useful in the treatment of psychological illness.

These have no fixed names or location. But when palpated it pains therefore it is rightly described as

“Where there is a painful areas, there is an acupressure point”

Contra indications

  1. High fever, chronic illness like hypertension, heart diseases
  2. Weakened & seriously ill patient.
  3. Pregnancy after the third month.
  4. Bone fracture or spilt.
  5. Severe skin infection.
  6. Mental diseases, Emotional agitated condition, disturb also
  7. Hemorrhagic tendency.
  8. Just before & after heavy meal.
  9. Scar, Wart, Mole, varicose-vein, swollen or inflamed areas, on medication.
  10. Other suspicious symptoms.
  11. Any untoward just during & after pressure therapy.
  12. Over fatigue after intense exercise.
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