“Impulsive individuals, ignorant of the serious adverse effects of alcohol and other drug abuse  consider indulgence  as a source of happiness”.

Addiction to anything is very harmful. Ayurveda deals this subject under the title “Madatyay’. According to ayurveda, every addict is an unique individual and should be taken care as a different case.

The ultimate aim is to restore the addict’s functionality to a proper balance so that he or she can live a healthy life.

Addiction is a social and mental issue requiring the comprehensive methodology of Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic framework has been rehearsed and refined for a huge number of years and can be actualized into any current treatment program.

Yoga practise combining asana, pranayam and meditation / dhyana can keep you refrained from addiction and also helps in recovering, which an addict needs to come back in the society.

Any type of addiction, while coming to the Hrdaya (heart) distresses the 10 characteristics of Ojas (situated in the heart), therefore raising mental confusion.

General properties of Addictive substance Characteristics of Oja ( Immunity)
Light to digest Heavy to digest
Hot Cold
Sharpness Softness
Sourness Sweetness
the quality of a substance which first of all pervades the entire body and thereafter gets digested Smoothness
Fast Viscous
Dryness Oily
Expands Stable
Empties Sticky
Adverse effects

Heart is the sheet of all bodily building blocks viz. Dosha , Dhatus, Satva (mind), Buddhi (wisdom), indriyas (senses), Atma (soul) and Ojas (vitalilty), which gets destroyed by drug abuse and morbidities shows in the heart.

Fantasy, dread, melancholy, outrage and demise and maladies like craziness, inebriation, swooning, epilepsy and apatanaka (shaking) are brought about by addiction.

Addiction always causes agitation of the mind causing morbidity in the body. Thus the patient suffering can be cured by psycho-therapy for the cheerfulness of the mind.

Milk for Addiction

If restorative measures do not cure addiction, then the doctor should resort to milk for its treatment.

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