It is a clinical system in which human ailments are treated and cured through the application of magnets to the body of patients.
It is simple entirely painless and easily available natural treatment with almost no side effects or after effects.

Advantages of Magnetic Field Therapy

  1. Magneto therapy is a treatment where no drug is used; therefore, it is safe when a person is under medication in any other system of medicine.
  2. Application of magnet improves blood circulation, nervous and other systems which help in speedy recovery of the ailment.
  3. Magneto therapy is a natural cure & simplest method of external treatment which could be applied to any kind of disabled patients.
  4. Mental stress, depression and other seasonal hazards can be cured by daily application of magnets for at least 10 min. & intake of ‘magnetized water’ 3 times a day.

Magnetization of Water

Magnetized water is considered to be equally important devise as magnet
Method of magnetization of water any other liquid- Two separate bottles of glass/ steel filled with water is placed on two disc type, cast alloy magnets of North Pole and South Pole. In this method the danger of rust is avoided. Different degrees of magnetization are possible by placing the liquids for different span of time (in standard condition minimum 12 hrs contact is sufficient). The distinctions of 2 poles are visible & even bipolar water can be made by mixing the water of two poles.

Dosage –

Adults- 50 ml magnetized water 3 times a day.
Adolescents-20ml. magnetized water 3 times a day.
Children-1-2 tsp. magnetized water 3 times a day.

Magnetized Water

Acupressure points in treatment with magnet

The meridians are electro- magnetic fields & each acupressure point is an electro- magnetic unit. The advantage with use of magnets on the acupressure point is that a physician has not to struggle hard to precisely locate an acupressure point, as magnet covers a bigger area and can easily accommodate the point.


  2. Cold food & drink should be avoided for an hour after treatment.
  3. Bathing & rinsing is not advisable for an hour after treatment.
  4. Heavy food should be avoided before treatment.
  5. “High power” magnets should not be applied to pregnant women and children and even to delicate parts of body.
  6. Watches should be kept away from magnets, unless they are magnet proof.
  7. The ill effects of wrong or excessive use of magnets can be antidote by laying palms or feet on a zinc plate.
  8. The two poles of magnets should be kept joined in the’ keeper’ to preserve their power when not in use.
  9. The low powered “ceramic magnets” do not respond to gold or silver. While under treatment the accessories are not needed to be removed.
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