Nature cures, not the physician – Hippocrates

Nature cure depends on the acknowledgment that man is conceived healthy and he can stay that way if all things considered as living is per the laws of nature.

Regardless of the possibility that conceived with some acquired distress, the individual can dispose of it by putting to the best utilize the normal specialists of mending. Natural air, daylight, a legitimate eating routine, exercise, exploratory unwinding, productive speculation and the privilege mental state of mind, alongside supplication and reflection all have impact in keeping a sound personality in a sound body.

Nature cure trusts that infection is an anomalous state of the body coming about because of the infringement of the characteristic laws. Each such infringement has repercussions on the human framework fit as a fiddle of brought down essentialness, abnormalities of the blood and lymph and the gathering of waste matter and poisons. Accordingly, through a broken eating routine it is not the digestive framework alone which is antagonistically influenced. At the point when poisons aggregate, different organs, for example, the entrails, kidneys, skin and lungs are exhausted and can’t dispose of these unsafe substances as fast as they are delivered.

Basic Principles

  1. The first and most fundamental standard of nature cure is that all types of sickness are because of the same cause, specifically, the aggregations of waste materials and real reject in the framework.
  2. The second essential standard of nature cure is that all ailments are simply self-started endeavors on the part of the body to throw off the accumulated waste.
  3. The third standard of nature cure is that the body contains an involved recuperating instrument which has the ability to bring back body to equilibrium.

Techniques for Nature Cure

  • The most importantly necessity is to control the eating habits.
  • Another critical element in the cure of sicknesses by regular strategies is to animate the imperatives of the body. This can be accomplished by utilizing water as a part of different courses and at different temperatures as packs or showers.
  • Other methods useful in the cure of ailments are fresh air breathing, sunbaths, exercise and massage.

Fasting - The Master Remedy

Dr. Arnold Eheret, the originator of the mucusless diet healing system, describes it as

“Nature’s only universal and omnipotent remedy of healing” & 

“Nature’s only fundamental law of all healing and curing”.

The basic reason for all ailments is the collection of waste and noxious matter in the body which results from indulging in eating an excessive amount of food. This surplus overburdens the digestive and absorption organs and stops up the framework with polluting influences or toxic substances.

By denying the food for a period, the organs of end, for example, the insides, kidneys, skin and lungs are offered chance to remove, unrestricted, the over-burden of collected waste from the framework. Consequently, fasting is just the procedure of sanitization and a compelling and brisk technique for cure. It helps nature in her ceaseless push to oust outside matter and malady creating waste from the body, consequently redressing the flaws of ill-advised eating routine and wrong living. It likewise prompts recovery of the blood and additionally the repair and recovery of the different tissues of the body


The duration of the fasting relies on the age of the patient, the nature of the ailment and the amount of medications already utilized. The duration is imperative, in light of the fact that long stretches of fasting can be risky if attempted without skilled expert direction. It is, accordingly, fitting to embrace a progression of short fasts of a few days and bit by bit build the span of each succeeding quick by a day or somewhere in the vicinity. The period, in any case, ought not to surpass a week of aggregate fasting at once.


The best, safest and most effective method of fasting is juice fasting. Although the old classics form of fasting was pure water fast.

Breaking of Fast

The success of the fasting largely depends upon how it is broken.

The main rules for breaking the fast are:

  • Do not overeat
  • Eat slowly
  • Chew your food thoroughly
  • Take several days for the gradual change to the normal diet.
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